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As in the Days of Noah

Leslie Shoots - May 04, 2013

faith, forgetfulness, intercession, prayer

Hey church family! First of all thank you for your prayers.

I spend a lot of time thinking about God. You may have seen me around sitting on a parkbench here or there. I'm often at the corner of walk-and-don't-walk watching a busy world pass thru our town. I've come to understand that when I find myself in a place of sinfulness, it's usually because I'm in a place of forgetfulness of God.

I know that godly living on the other hand is prompted by a continual rememberance of Him. He tells me to be constant in prayer, "without ceasing." If I did this, I would be more aware of His informed, active, and involved omnipresence. In contrast, looking around at the bustling people of this world who give little or no thought to their Maker has brought me to a sorrowful pause. The God to whom all will give account is entirely disregarded and forgotten by so many.

As Christians, we know His demands, His desires, His mercies and provisions. This simple observation from people who are mindful of God should provoke us to intercessory prayer and witnessing. As Paige has exhorted us, may God use you and me this week to open the eyes of a sleeping world.