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Available to AllGod's Eternal Rest

Leslie Shoots - May 11, 2017

God has an eternal rest that's available to us by faith in His Son and it takes a greater than the temple to make it a reality. And that greater is Jesus Himself. I looked up in the dictionary and found some interesting definitions of the English word rest. One dictionary defines rest as ceasing from action or motion. So I stop doing what I'm doing. It means to stop from labor or exertion. Working with Chuck as I've often had the blessing to do I came to understand when our day was done. He just throws his tools on the workbench and walks away. He says 'Les, we're finished, thanks for your help' and bam, he's gone! This for me is a beautiful picture of no more self‑effort. No more trying to please God by my filthy rag works that don't please Him anyway. Another definition of rest said to be free from whatever worries or disturbs you. Now this one hit home with me. So often I've been unable to rest mentally because I'm always bugged by everything. Every little thing just pounds away in my brainpan and I can't rest because I'm always hassled by everything that creates worries in my mind. I long to be quiet, to be still, to be peaceful and free from guilt and the things which drive me away from our Lord. I guess we could say that God's rest simply means to be at peace with God. His perfect peace that He alone gives. Free from guilt and no need to worry about my sin knowing His forgiveness and all of a sudden, I'm at rest with no more anxiety and no more guilt. Are you resting in the total forgiveness of God? Here's a definition of rest we all understand. It comes at the end of the day. Rest simply defined is to lie down and be settled. This one brought to mind Psalm 4.8 where David said 'I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep, for thou LORD only, makes me dwell in safety.' It reminded me of my childhood bedtime prayer I'm sure many of you may be familiar with, 'Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the LORD my soul to keep . . .' Not knowing it then as a child but looking back I can see where my childlike faith in this simple prayer aligned my heart positionally in trust with God. As an adult I've often seen myself as the wave in James 1.6 being tossed back and forth by a restless sea. But praise God for His gift of humbling and bringing me to a place of a little child again. That's rest. The real blessing is knowing that I have someone outside of myself to lean on and that someone is Jesus. Our trust is in Him. Our rest is in Him. He is our rest! Thank you church family for another week of proclamation, restoration, and sustainable fellowship as we leaned on Him!