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Eat Drink And Be Merry In The Lord

Leslie Shoots - July 01, 2017

Happy Dependance Day!

It is a spectacularly beautiful summer afternoon here in Fredericksburg, and as I look across the pastoral valley, I am taken in by its beauty and its serenity and tranquility.

I am so grateful to our Father God that He calls us all to come to that Higher Mount Calvary, to gain a truer perspective of our own valleys which can initially seem disconcerting or disturbing or disheartening when we are down in the middle of those valleys.

But when we come up to Mount Calvary by climbing up to His Table where there we remember His unfathomable and undeniable love and care for us, we are once again put at rest, refueled with peace and overwhelmed with serenity knowing He wants the very best for us and that our stupidities and anxieties and iniquities are washed away by The Blood He shed for you and me!

As we eat of His Body, His Presence is perceived and received and His Power and Grace is accepted and embraced anew.

And then once again being seated at His table, we find ourselves rediscovering that beautiful tranquility and serenity of, as Paul says, "being seated with Christ in Heavenly places" and the valley below is now miraculously beautiful!

So do take the time this week to dine at His Table... He will restore your soul!!!

With love and thanksgiving for you all,