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Leslie Shoots - June 23, 2013

Heaven, image, make us, Spirit

Although I know better than this now, as a child I used to say, "When I get to Heaven, I'm going to sit on God's lap and and give Him a big hug." While I'm sure you may understand the sentiment in that, I think what we have with that concept is a faulty image, for in the book of Revelation, as Paige read to us this Sunday, God is not described as having a long white beard, flowing hair, bulging biceps, and muscular calves, reaching out His finger to touch man as Michelangelo portrayed Him in the Sistine Chapel. Color is one way He’s described, as in the flame of His eyes and the red of His garment from Revelation 19. Jesus in John 4.24 simply said, "God is Spirit". So, I don’t think we’re going to see the Father as having arms, hands, or legs.

But doesn’t Isaiah 40.12 say He spans the universe with His hand, and in Psalm 91.4 it also says He covers us with His wings? So could it be as much a mistake to think that God the Father has two eyes, a nose, and two ears, as it is to think He has wings or feathers?

Truth is, God cannot be contained by a body, no matter how great. He’s Spirit. He’s everywhere. You just can't localize God. So often in my mind I make the mistake of localizing Him. Just not so! When we get to Heaven, with our new bodies, we're gonna be able to bask in His glory, just as the high priest did in the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement. So what if I don't get to sit on His lap as our children do with us. We know God is everywhere, all around us. He even dwells within us through the Holy Spirit relating to us. Is that cool or what! Oh to become ever conscious of the all prevailing presence of God wherever we are. God is a Spirit. We are surrounded by Him. For in Him we live and we move and we have our being. So it's not about making an image of God. It’s about looking at Jesus, and allowing Him to make us into His image. May it be so church family!