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Infancy or Infantry

Leslie Shoots - September 02, 2014

growing up, maturity, sanctification

I'll never forget when I first came to the realization that Jesus bled & died to wash away my sins. The enthusiasm, the love and excitement that I had for the things of the Spirit was really something glorious to behold. I was so fun to be around. The things of the Lord were just so new & exciting to me at that point. I was a babe in Christ.

Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation. -1 Peter 2.2

But what about the necessity of growing up into a fully matured man of God?

As we grow and as we develop spiritually, I'm sure it's God's desire that we come into full maturity. There is natural development & physical growth, just as there is and should be supernatural development & spiritual growth.

There is a time when being a babe in Christ is so beautiful.

When a baby is a baby and is supposed to be a baby, it is a beautiful, lovely sight. I don't know of anything that can tug at the heart of a person more than a baby. And the first words of a baby are always so exciting. The first time our little children intentionally say, "da da," or "ma ma," it is a thrilling experience. I'll never forget it. They have that, well, you know, the cutest, most knowing smile on their face like, "I said it" and I loved it!

But if we were to visit our grown children today and find them lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon, with that same babyish smile, saying, "da da," ...well, it wouldn't thrill at all at this point. It would pain! Because naturally we know that they should have developed beyond that by now. And how cool it is to share life with them as they do mature, listening to & enjoying the keen insights they acquire about so many things. As our children develop, our communication rises to a higher plane. They're growing up, maturing. It's wonderful!

It's always beautiful to behold that fresh work of the Spirit of God in another's life when they're first born again. But after fifteen or twenty years, if we're still in the crib, haven't learned to walk, haven't developed any spiritual muscles or maturity... that's a painful & tragic reality. It's important that we grow up. Are you catching my drift?

"What father is not pleased with the first tottering attempt of his little one to walk? What father would be satisfied with anything but the manly step of the full-grown son?" -George McDonald

For me, Proclaim is where I feed on God's Word, Restore provides the opportunity to digest It, and in Sustain I glean & grow from those more mature than me. Now I think I understand why babies sling their food all over the place when they're fed in their high chairs at the dinner table. They see others eating something better than they have, and that's what they really want.

"Therefore let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity..." -Hebrews 6.1