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An apology with no quarter

Leslie Shoots - March 06, 2018

Family, I am once again guilty of parading my folly before brothers by judging another man. A man I admired as a child growing up, and yet, a man who compromised the gospel for the sake of one...

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Worship Is The Ongoing Completion Of Love

Joseph Morrow - September 29, 2017

It is not out of compliment that lovers keep on telling one another how beautiful they are; the delight is incomplete till it is expressed. - C.S. Lewis


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Singing As One - Being The Church

Joseph Morrow - August 07, 2017

I want to express to you church what a joy and honor it is to worship with you. I also want you all to know how encouraged the praise team and our pastor are by the resounding melody that fills...

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Do You Have Life?

Bobbi Grimmer - July 13, 2016

Would you answer that question by producing a birth certificate?

In line with His teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, we must be authentically Jesus', having entered the narrow...

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South Church Food Ministry

John Mendeke - April 27, 2015

Frequently Anna and I get asked this question:

"What’s this Food Ministry all about?"

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Loving Little Ones In His Name

Paige Findley - February 03, 2014

After Proclaim yesterday, I was asked a very good question that went something like this:

What does it mean to receive a child in His name?

Though I sought to answer that...

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O Come All Ye Faithful?

Paige Findley - December 19, 2013

"The tank's full. It just won't run!" As smoke billowed from under the hood, the mechanic inquired: "Well when was the last time you changed the oil?" The ignorant driver replied, "Uh, oil?"


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