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Singing As One - Being The Church

Joseph Morrow - August 07, 2017

I want to express to you church what a joy and honor it is to worship with you. I also want you all to know how encouraged the praise team and our pastor are by the resounding melody that fills...

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Leslie Shoots - June 23, 2013

Although I know better than this now, as a child I used to say, "When I get to Heaven, I'm going to sit on God's lap and and give Him a big hug." While I'm sure you may understand the sentiment in...

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Hang In There

Leslie Shoots - May 08, 2013

Blessings church family! Seeing Paige this past Sunday wearing his t-shirt with the word "fruit" on it reminded me of someone who once relayed a story to me of how he wanted to teach his kids a...

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Two Births, Two Deaths, Real Consequences

Joseph Morrow - April 08, 2013

As I was reflecting upon John 3.1-15, Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus, I noticed Jesus forces us all to make a choice. Whether we are aware of this or not it is still very much a decision we...

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The Wonder of God's Witness

Paige Findley - March 01, 2013

After several of our brothers read & began a very helpful discussion based on our sustain reading from Acts 14 ( ), I felt prompted to write the following response....

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