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sermons tagged 'Beatitude'

Blessed Persecution

Matthew 5.10
Aug 30th 2015

When we looked at Matthew5.9 (Blessed are the peacemakers), it was suggested that Jesus wasn't talking about those the world would call nice, easy going, soft, tolerant... "Just let it be, man." But how can be sure that's not what God had in mind in Matthew 5.9? >>

blessed, happy, persecuted, persecution, righteousness, suffering
Beatitude, Matthew, Sermon On the Mount

Sons of God

Matthew 5.9
Aug 16th 2015

Are you a people pleaser, or a peacemaker?

Many believe those are synonymous. But, according to our Scripture today, true Biblical peacemaking doesn't always please people. Consider Jesus, for example. One of His titles in the Scripture is, "Prince of Peace." >>

beatitude, helpful, humble, peace, peacemaker, sons of God
Beatitude, Matthew, Sermon On Mount

The Having In Hungering

Matthew 5.6
Jul 26th 2015

There are many things in the Christian life that cannot be explained, experienced, understood or lived until a person is one.

This week we'll take another look at Jesus' fourth Beatitude from Matthew's account of the Gospel. It may sound completely contradictory, >>

content, desire, holiness, Holy Spirit, hope, hunger, justification, pursuit, righteousness, sanctification, satisfaction, thirst, want
Beatitude, Holy Spirit, Matthew