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Merry Christmas, 2016!

Dec 25th 2016

Today we'll employ a mixture of song, Scripture, prayer & testimony in worship as we celebrate our Savior's >>

birth, Christmas, God, Gospel, hero, hope, human, promise, prophecy, salvation, Savior
Christmas, holiday, salvation

Covenant Keeping

Matthew 5.33-37
Dec 20th 2015

Were you one of those who, after listening to last week's passage, were cut to the quick by Jesus’ Words on the effects of divorce & remarriage? Adultery is a violation of God's 7th commandment. If you’ve been divorced or are considering it, our >>

Christmas, faith, honesty, integrity, oath, promise keeping, prophecy, truth, truth-telling, vow
Matthew, oaths, Sermon On The Mount

Looking Ahead at the End of the Beginning

Genesis 49.29-50.26
Dec 21st 2014

It's a bitter sweet day. We've arrived at the end of our study in Genesis. Today we bury a couple of patriarchs. These men were tools in the hands of God to work His will, bless His people, and glorify His name. It is the end of Genesis, the end of >>

burial, Christmas, death, faith, future, guilt, hope, Jacob, Joseph, promise, regret, repentance, trust
faith, Genesis, sovereignty

Preparing for Christmas

Dec 22nd 2013

Did Christmas sneak up on you this year?

Spend some time in Scripture & song with the South Church to ready your heart to celebrate the first coming of our >>

holiday, Scripture, testimony
Christmas, seasonal

Creation, Christmas & Calvary

Genesis 3.15
Dec 23rd 2012

Where did evil come from? Whose got the power and authority over this earth? Why not just destroy satan now, or right after the fall? Oh, and by the way: Merry Christmas! :)

Tackling big questions on Christmas? Well, maybe it wasn't the smartest of ideas, but >>

authority, Christmas, demon, Gospel, humble, irresistible grace, Jesus, joy, power, Savior, sin, sorrow, sovereign
Genesis 3, Gospel, salvation