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sermons tagged 'Genesis 2'

She Is His, She Is Holy

Genesis 2.18-25
Nov 25th 2012

In a CULTure that defines "woman" by the desires of the flesh of man, we're desperate for God's Word to break in and redefine our Christian culture, our lives in Christ.

How many of our daughters will we continue to encourage toward conformity to this world? >>

beauty, build, daughter, Father, Genesis 2, glory, identity, marriage, purpose, sister, woman
creation, Genesis 2, identity

In Love, He Commands

Genesis 2.8-17
Nov 18th 2012

How do God's commandments strike you? Do they elicit frustration or faithfulness? gritted teeth or grateful obedience?

The way we hear & feel about God's instruction tells a lot of our perception about Him, our confidence in Him, and our worship of Him.

We want >>

command, death, Eden, faith, Father, follow, good and evil, instruct, knowledge, law, life, obedience, promise, sovereign, tree, trust
Genesis 2, law, obedience

Breath for His Glory

Genesis 2.4-7
Nov 11th 2012

One thing is easy to see in this "beginning": God is careful... full of care. He provides everything, then, and only then, puts man in the Garden. What a good Father.

So, what is this all about? Why are we here? Why did our Creator create? Why us? Why >>

1 Corinthians 10.31, glory, image, Isaiah 40.4-5, Isaiah 42.8, Isaiah 43.6-7, Isaiah 44.23, Isaiah 48.9-11, Isaiah 6.3, potter, Psalm 19.1, purpose, sovereignty
Genesis 2, glory, purpose

Seventh Day: Rest!

Genesis 2.1-3
Nov 4th 2012

How many times can God say "complete", "finished", "done" in just three short verses?

He steps back from all that He had made on days one through six and says, "yes!" Then, He blesses, sanctifies the "seventh day", a day for His children to recognize and rest >>

complete, definition, face book, fb, finished, Genesis 2.1-3, identity, like, opinion, rest, sabbath, seventh day
Genesis 2, grace, sabbath