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sermons tagged 'Jehovah's Witness'

These Are Written That You May Believe

John 20.30-31
Jul 22nd 2012

Almost everything we believe is based on the testimony, the authority of another.

John the Witness has written his Gospel that we might believe. He has written of his life experience with Jesus, that we might have life in Jesus' name.

Honestly, do you have life >>

authority, Christ, death, deity, Jehovah's Witness, John 20.30-31, life, Messiah, peace, Son of God
Gospel of John, John 20

Jesus the Word (preLaunch.1)

John 1.1-3
Sep 13th 2009

Who doesn't have an opinion about Jesus? Wonder what God says about Him?

If you had one word to describe Jesus, what would it be?

To worship anything other than God, is to break the first commandment of God. But don't Christians worship Jesus? Isn't that >>

Arianism, Creator, eternal, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim, Word
Gospel of John, John 1