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sermons tagged 'John 11'


John 11.54-12.1
Jan 23rd 2011

A bit of a transition passage in store today. We start in Bethany, move to Ephraim, and back to Bethany... just when the fire is hottest and Jesus is in the middle of it!

At first glance, it look as though King Jesus may be on the run from fear of losing His >>

arrest, cross, fear, plan, sovereign
Gospel of John, John 11, John 12

Better That One Man Should Die

John 11.45-53
Jan 16th 2011

God is glorious. He is so good. He alone can take our most regretful words, accidents, and sin and, in His marvelous ways, use them for our Good.

This week the Jewish leaders think of the perfect plan to finally secure their pride, position, place, and >>

Caiaphas, cross, crucify, hope, love, redemption, sin, sovereign, unity
Gospel of John, John 11

Resurrecting Faith

John 11.38-44
Jan 9th 2011

Four days for Jesus. Four weeks for us. But Lazarus is coming back to life!

John and Jesus are on a mission to raise Lazarus, but perhaps even more importantly, to birth faith in the hundreds, thousands, and millions of onlookers ever since.

By nature we >>

believe, faith, follow, hope, Jesus, joy, Lazarus, resurrection, trust
Gospel of John, John 11

Death Will Be No More

John 11.28-37
Dec 26th 2010

Despite the opinion of secular therapists, don't come to peace with death.

In verse twenty-five last week, Jesus said that He is the resurrection and the LIFE. Therefore, death is His enemy... exactly what He came to and He alone could destroy.

God has >>

death, hate, hope, life, Revelation
Gospel of John, John 11

Coming Into the World

John 11.17-27
Dec 19th 2010

Went to a resurrection and LIFE broke out!

Is Jesus ever only doing one thing? Definitely not in today's passage. Just when Martha thought He was coming just in time for Lazarus' funeral, Jesus brings her to Life!

Though tis the season of Christmas, John 11 is >>

affection, Lazarus, Martha, truth
Gospel of John, holiday, John 11

His Faith-Filled Gladness

John 11.7-16
Dec 12th 2010

What if He just did everything we asked? Perfect! Right? Maybe not!

In this week's passage, Jesus continues to baffle those closest to Him. But He is intent on our faith being wrought in Him and remaining in Him. Rather than a faith and joy as the result of >>

confidence, faith, glad, joy, Lazarus, trust
Gospel of John, John 11

The Giver of Life

John 11.1-6
Dec 5th 2010

When you truly love someone, you want their absolute best.

Father (and in this case, Son) knows best! But in today's passage, there is the potential to mis-read Jesus as being a hard-hearted, careless, stoic rather than the Good Shepherd. So what is best? >>

author, Batanea, Bethany, giver, Lazarus, life, love, Martha, Mary, miracle, resurrection
Gospel of John, John 11