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Celebration of Hope In Jesus

Acts 8.26-39
May 28th 2017

In preparation for today's baptismal service, we turn to the narrative of the Ethiopian eunuch and his meeting with Philip, a faithful follower & proclaimer of Christ. Together they studied the Words of the Prophet Isaiah, written over 700 years before Jesus >>

baptism, Ethiopian, eunuch, evangelism, exposition, Holy Spirit, Isaiah, Philip, Scripture, Truth, Word
Acts, baptism, discipleship

Barley Loaves

John 6.1-13
Feb 28th 2010

Breaking from the norm, rather than looking intensely at the picture John paints of Jesus, we focus this week on a poor boy who offered his little to the Master Chef, King Jesus. (Next week, Lord-willing, we'll be looking back over these and two more verses as >>

Andrew, faith, fish, grace, Jesus, loaves, Matthew, money, Philip, trust
Gospel of John, John 6