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sermons tagged 'Revelation'

Fulfilling Redemptive History

Matthew 13.34-35
Sep 3rd 2017

As we would expect again this week, Matthew continues his mission of revealing to his biological, Jewish brethren that the Jesus they'd rejected to the Cross really was & is the long-awaited Promised Messiah.

Behind just a couple of short verses this morning >>

dark, fulfilled, hidden, history, parables, Psalm 78, revelation, Royal King, servant, Son of David, suffering, truth
Matthew, Messiah, prophecy

The Proof Is In The Healing

Matthew 8.1-4
Aug 28th 2016

Solitary confinement has got to be one of the most miserable living situations. Being quarantined, isolated, alone for any length of time wears out our lives.

God designed us as social creatures, needing, benefiting and enjoying life together.

The life of a leper, >>

compassion, healing, healing, hope, Jesus, leper, leprosy, love, mercy, Messiah, revelation, skin disease, touch
healing, hope, Matthew

The Real Promised Land

Aug 21st 2016

This sermon asks the question, Why is the ark of God's covenant in heaven portrayed as it is in Revelation 11.19

We will survey Old Testament passages touching on the creation of the ark of His covenant: Manna, Aaron's staff, the grumbling & rebellious >>

ark, covenant, Gentile, jealousy, Jew, Messiah, new, old, plan, Promised Land, revelation, sovereignty, testimony
Jesus, prophecy, Revelation

Jesus Story Book Bible Summary

Psalm 34.8
Aug 14th 2011

Over the course of the last year or so, the South Church family has enjoyed the Jesus Story Book Bible written by Sally Lloyd Jones. Weekly family devotional guides were sent home with the kids after each Sunday's children's sermon.

This resource does an >>

Christocentric, Genesis, Greatest Story Ever Told, Jesus, Jesus Story Book Bible, meta, narrative, points, Revelation, Shai Linne, story
Psalm 34

Death Will Be No More

John 11.28-37
Dec 26th 2010

Despite the opinion of secular therapists, don't come to peace with death.

In verse twenty-five last week, Jesus said that He is the resurrection and the LIFE. Therefore, death is His enemy... exactly what He came to and He alone could destroy.

God has >>

death, hate, hope, life, Revelation
Gospel of John, John 11

the Sinless Slaughtered

John 1.19-34
Oct 18th 2009

Who is Jesus? That is the question that Apostle John continues to answer in His Gospel today.

In today's passage, John the Baptist points out 3 things about Jesus that He knew that would completely change our fallen thinking if we were to see what he saw. >>

Isaiah, Jesus, John the Baptist, Lamb of God, Revelation, sin
Gospel of John, John 1