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sermons tagged 'alone'

Judaism, Islam & Jesus

Genesis 21.14-21
Aug 18th 2013

Where is your hope? Perhaps it's in technology? or maybe in bio-chemistry & medicine? Or maybe you've got your religion to provide the peace you need? So how's that going?

In today's passage we're presented with a bunch of different options, but only one >>

Abraham, alone, Christianity, faith, Hagar, hope, Ishmael, Islam, Jesus, Judaism, life, lost, Mecca, Paran
Genesis, hope, religion

Seek & Find

John 1.35-51
Nov 8th 2009

Ever just needed to know that God really is there? really involved in your life? that He really is aware of what you're going through, of what your needs are? that He is near and not hiding from you?

In today's sermon from John 1.35-51 we see a very >>

alone, fear, find, Jacob, Nathaniel, seek
Gospel of John, John 1