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Celebration of Hope In Jesus

Acts 8.26-39
May 28th 2017

In preparation for today's baptismal service, we turn to the narrative of the Ethiopian eunuch and his meeting with Philip, a faithful follower & proclaimer of Christ. Together they studied the Words of the Prophet Isaiah, written over 700 years before Jesus >>

baptism, Ethiopian, eunuch, evangelism, exposition, Holy Spirit, Isaiah, Philip, Scripture, Truth, Word
Acts, baptism, discipleship

Let Us Save Man In Our Own Image

Matthew 3.13-17
May 3rd 2015

John the Baptist was 'preparing the way of the Lord,' baptizing sinners for repentance... when out of "No-where" (Nazareth), here He came! And He didn't show up on the scene just to watch. And He didn't go down in the water to take over John's job either. Rather >>

baptism, Father, Isaiah, Jesus, John the Baptist, Jordan, Son, Spirit, suffering Servant, Trinity
baptism, Matthew, Trinity

Dead, Buried, Washed and Raised

Romans 6.3-4, Colossians 2.11-12
Apr 6th 2014

Have you trusted Christ? Have you obeyed His command to follow Him in believer's baptism?

As we prepare to baptize over a dozen brothers and sisters in the faith, this morning we'll spend some time examining key passages on believer's baptism, how it was and >>

baptism, circumcision, cleanse, covenant, faith, Great Commission, obedience, wash, water
baptism, Church, faith

Baptism and the Righteousness of God

Galatians 5.1-6,13-14
Jun 24th 2012

Paul is hot under the collar, and for good reason. Thieves have snuck into his safe home and are disrupting the family of faith. How? Convincing them that their means to being justified (made Right in God's eyes) lies in their own hands, through >>

baptism, forgiveness, holiness, hope, joy, justification, love, righteousness, sanctification, sin, works, yoke
Baptism, Galatians, Gospel

The Secret to Death to Self (Love God!)

John 12.23-26
Mar 13th 2011

Using several different examples from the Bible, pastor paige makes an effort to answer the resounding question from last week's sermon: "How do I die to self?"read >>

Baptism, Christ-life, Daniel 3, death, expositional preaching, how to, Romans 20, Romans 21, self, topical
Gospel of John, John 12

Baptism: What and Why

Matthew 28.19, Colossians 2.11-15, Romans 6.3-4
Jul 4th 2010

Today we'll be looking at several passages to help us formulate a biblical perspective on Jesus' institution of baptism.

What is baptism?

Why is baptism?

When should someone be baptized?

Can anyone be baptized or is it only for the "super-disciples"?

What >>

baptize, buried, circumcision, faith, inward condition, New Covenant, outward sign, raised
baptism, Colossians 2, Romans 6

Baptizing with the Holy Spirit

John 1.29-34
Oct 25th 2009

How does the baptism of John compare and contrast to the baptism of Jesus?

Why does John emphasize the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Have you been baptized by Holy Spirit?

What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

If you wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, >>

baptism, Holy Spirit, John the Baptist
Gospel of John, John 1