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Covenant Breaking, Adultery, Divorce & Remarriage

Matthew 5.31-32
Dec 13th 2015

"Is it lawful to divorce?" the Pharisees questioned Jesus.

They had stripped down His commandments to self-righteous standards, checkboxes for religious men, nothing some human certificate couldn't fix.

Jesus' teaching in the previous section of Scripture >>

adultery, Bride, covenant, divorce, fornication, Gospel, hope, Husband, Jesus, marriage, remarriage
Divorce, Matthew, Sermon On The Mount

the Best Man, the Least Man

John 3.22-30
Dec 27th 2009

We spend the majority of our lives trying to climb the ladder of success only to find the most successful men at the bottom, on their knees, face down, humbled and low... and GREATLY REJOICING! Care to join them?

Despite popular opinion, according to John >>

baptist, bride, cleansing, groom, love, marriage, purification, voice, Word
Gospel of John, John 3