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sermons tagged 'desire'

Worthy of Me

Matthew 10.37
Feb 26th 2017

In our passage today, Jesus forces the question: "Am I worthy of Jesus?" Well, how would you answer that? Are you worthy of Jesus? What a weighty question! Is there any more important question you'll be asked today? No!

Last week we covered Matthew 10.33-39. >>

affection, command, desire, emotions, family, feel, humility, joy, love, righteousness, salvation, sin, suitable, supremacy, want, worthy
love, Matthew, salvation

The Having In Hungering

Matthew 5.6
Jul 26th 2015

There are many things in the Christian life that cannot be explained, experienced, understood or lived until a person is one.

This week we'll take another look at Jesus' fourth Beatitude from Matthew's account of the Gospel. It may sound completely contradictory, >>

content, desire, holiness, Holy Spirit, hope, hunger, justification, pursuit, righteousness, sanctification, satisfaction, thirst, want
Beatitude, Holy Spirit, Matthew

One & Dysfunctional Flesh

Ephesians 5.24-32, 1 Corinthians 6.9-10
Jun 2nd 2013

The Bible defines marriage as the sexual, covenant union between one man and one woman. Yet the very fabric of humanity is being challenged by a completely different definition argued over in our court rooms today.

Just what is marriage? What is it for? Can >>

bodies, covenant, desire, dysfunction, homosexuality, love, marriage, redemption, same-sex, sin
desire, homosexuality, marriage

Free To Love

John 10.17-18
Oct 31st 2010

Would you rather someone care for you because they were required to, or out of their own genuine desire?

What about Jesus? How does He love you? Does it matter? ...just as long as He loves you, right? Of course it matters!

Join us today in John 10.17-18 and >>

authority, desire, Father, free, Holy Spirit, joy, love, Son
Gospel of John, John 10

How Can You Believe

John 5.30-47
Feb 21st 2010

How many witnesses would it take for you and me to believe that Jesus is the Way, Truth, & Life? What's your answer?

This morning Jesus present 7 witnesses to the fact of who He is, yet we choose, desire, will, prefer, love, want to reject this reality >>

believe, desire, faith, love, refuse, reject, testimony, want, will, witness
Gospel of John, John 5