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sermons tagged 'devil'

Death-Defying Help, Peace, Joy, Faith & Love

John 14.25-31
Aug 28th 2011

To ensure the world of His love for the Father, Jesus will ask for our Helper, leave us His peace, remind us to rejoice, and make us >>

Arian, believe, devil, faith, Father, help, joy, love, peace, rejoice, Son
Gospel of John, John 14

father Devil

John 8.39-47
Aug 8th 2010

If you were to tell someone their dad was the devil, chances are, you'd be a bit hot under the collar... something or someone would have had to majorly ruffled your feathers.

But what would we make of a man who said as much yet was perfectly calm... rather >>

child, devil, Father, God, hear, Jesus, kill, love
Gospel of John, John 8

You Gonna Run Too?

John 6.52-71
Apr 18th 2010

We're in no position to think we know all that Jesus is up to. Having said that, it sure seems as though He is intent on offending His onlooking, grumbling, confounded Jewish audience.

Why? What's the purpose? What don't they understand or see rightly that >>

blood, bread of life, dependence, devil, eternal life, exalt, flesh, Judas, passover, Peter, sovereign
Gospel of John, John 6