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The Sign of The Son of Man

Matthew 24.29-31
Mar 3rd 2019

"And after those days..." After what days? And what is it that is going to happen after whatever day those are?

Those are the kinds of questions we have for our Messiah even still today.

Are you ready for more prophecy, more of Matthew 24?

Today' >>

end times, endurance, eschatology, glory, hope, power, promises, prophecy, return, second advent
eschatology, Matthew, prophecy

The Single Way

1 Corinthians 7.1-11,26-28,32-40
Nov 29th 2015

Before moving ahead to Matthew 5.31-32, it is wise for us to be reminded of other Scriptures that lay the groundwork for properly understanding Biblical marriage.

How Biblical are we? How are we defining "success" for our children? According to our culture, >>

advantages, blessing, celibacy, celibate, divorced, promises, single, single parenting, widow
Matthew, Sermon On The Mount, Single

No Matter What

Sep 30th 2012

Exodus 3, Numbers 11, 1 Kings 19, Jeremiah 20

What do you do when life doesn't turn out like you expected?read >>

faith, good, hope, perseverance, promises, suffering, trust
faith, sovereignty, suffering

No One Will Take Your Joy

John 16.16-24
Nov 13th 2011

The sorrow of His death is swallowed up by joy in His resurrection; therefore, pray for His praise!read >>

faith, fear, glory, hope, Joy, know, love, New Covenant, obey, promises, Word
Gospel of John, John 16