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A Giving God

2 Timothy 3.15-17, Matthew 23.23, Luke 18.11, Genesis 2.16-17,14.18-20,28.20-22, Leviticus 27.30,27.32, Numbers 18.21, Deuteronomy 26.12, Exodus 19.3,
Jul 20th 2014

This sermon explores the following questions with regard to giving: What kind of relationship do you have with God? One where He gives you what you desire? Or one where where you give Him what He desires?

When it comes to money, if God doesn't need any, why give? >>

bless, gift, heart, need, offering, relationship, tithe
discipleship, faith, giving

The Global and Local Family of God

1 Corinthians 11.17-34, Jeremiah 31.31-34, Deuteronomy 30.6, Ezekiel 36.27, Acts 2.42
Mar 30th 2014

What's so new about the New Covenant, and what role does it play in creating, establishing and uniting the Church?

Having seen us through 10 weeks of doctrine, we will now turn back to Paul's words to the church of Corinth in order to help us consider His Word >>

Body of Christ, Church, committed, covenant, family, life, member, membership, New Covenant, Proclaim, relationship, Restore, small groups, sovereignty, Sustain
covenant, Doctrine, membership

The Doctrine of The Bible

2 Timothy 3.14-17
Jan 19th 2014

We spent our time together last week examining the Doctrine of God. But how do we know who is He is?

The Bible says that God has revealed Himself through what scholars call "General Revelation." This to say, certain attributes of God can be observed through what >>

Bible, doctrine, faith, holy, relationship, sanctification, Scripture, Timothy, Truth, Word, writing
discipleship, Doctrine, Scripture

Active, Passive or Prayerful?

Genesis 13,14,18
Jul 21st 2013

Have you ever been faced with an opportunity to minister in some way but weren't sure how? Should I pray? Should I go? Should I stay & wait upon the Lord? As believers, we trust in the Lord, but how does our faith convert into action, or should it?

Join us >>

action, active, confidence, covenant, faith, Jesus, knowing, passive, prayerful, relationship, trust
faith, Genesis, works

God Gets Personal in Defining the Relationship

John 16.25-28
Nov 20th 2011

In the coming hour the disciples will see, know, possess personally the love of the Father who sent the >>

cross, Father, figurative, glory, hope, love, real, relationship, Son, Spirit
Gospel of John, John 16