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Psalm 30:1-12
May 24th 2020

We are continually chasing happiness. All of our lives revolves around our recreation. We are entertained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We've got phones, tablets, iPods, iPads, televisions, cable, satellite dish, direct tv ... you name it. But, are we >>

Eternal Joy, God's Glory, Happiness, Praise, Prayer, Worship
Gladness, Rescue, Salvation


Exodus 20:1-17
Mar 15th 2020

How do we worship God? Do we worship him in any way that we like? Or, does God desire a certain type of worship? Well, read Exodus 20, and think it over. It appears that God is very specific about his desires, laws, and regulations for our worship. The first >>

Deliverance, Law of God, Reformed Theology, Rescue, Son of God, Third Use of Law
God's Law, God's Son, Ten Commandments

Humility: Lesson Four

Matthew 18.15-20
Jun 3rd 2018

When was the last time someone corrected you? How'd you feel about it? Were their efforts received with gratitude, thankful you'd been made to see a better way? Or did you find yourself more like "How dare he correct me!" Or "Who does she think she is?"

What >>

convict, correct, discipleship, help, holiness, minister, rebuke, rescue, righteousness, salvage, salvation, sin, teach, the Church
holiness, Matthew, the Church

The Great Exchange

Matthew 13.44-46
Sep 17th 2017

"The Kingdom of Heaven is like..." How would you complete that sentence?

In today's passage, Jesus completes it for us: twice! The two parables have similarities, but also some key differences. Understanding those difference can help us understand His Kingdom & >>

evangelism, Gospel, grace, Kingdom of Heaven, Pearl of Great Price, redeem, rescue, salvation, save, surrender, treasure
Kingdom, Matthew, salvation

The Gospel of Peace

Matthew 9.35
Dec 4th 2016

Are you at peace with God? Should you be? Maybe: if your life is filled with Holy Spiri-enabled repentance, power and joy. But maybe not?

Could it be that, in the name of spiritual notches on our belts, evangelicalism has so watered down "the gospel" that it >>

enmity, forgiveness, gospel, Holy Spirit, hostility, Isaiah 9, John 14.6, love, peace, redemption, rescue, sanctification, sin, transformation, war
Gospel, Matthew, peace

Catastrophic Grace

Genesis 6.8-8.22
Feb 17th 2013

If you ever wondered how God feels about sin, look no further than today's passage. Wow!

Friday a meteorite raced through the sky over Russia. It left a surreal, translucent cloud of smoke & fire in its trail that had many out snapping photos... completely >>

covenant, evil, flood, grace, hope, judgement, mercy, Noah, obedience, power, rescue, rest, wrath
atonement, Genesis 6, sacrifice