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sermons tagged 'testimony'

Seeking False Testimony

Matthew 26.57-68
Jun 9th 2019

In our last passage, Jesus was arrested in the garden. Today we find Him on trial before the Sanhedrin: 70 plus one Jewish governing authorities. They're seeking false testimony against Jesus among false witnesses against Him. But here's the thing: the only " >>

Caiaphas, cross, crucifixion, desperation, false, guilty, high priest, Jewish leaders, lies, testimony, trial, witness
crucifixion, Matthew, Passion

The Real Promised Land

Aug 21st 2016

This sermon asks the question, Why is the ark of God's covenant in heaven portrayed as it is in Revelation 11.19

We will survey Old Testament passages touching on the creation of the ark of His covenant: Manna, Aaron's staff, the grumbling & rebellious >>

ark, covenant, Gentile, jealousy, Jew, Messiah, new, old, plan, Promised Land, revelation, sovereignty, testimony
Jesus, prophecy, Revelation

Preparing for Christmas

Dec 22nd 2013

Did Christmas sneak up on you this year?

Spend some time in Scripture & song with the South Church to ready your heart to celebrate the first coming of our >>

holiday, Scripture, testimony
Christmas, seasonal

Grace Beyond the Grave

Genesis 22.19-23.20
Sep 22nd 2013

Ever had God's plans not line up with your own? Perhaps it was a life-altering event, like the loss of a family member as happens to Abraham in today's passage. It certainly isn't without its tension. God made promises, but now the patriarch's family members >>

Abraham, death, God, Hittites, hope, humility, integrity, retreat, Sarah, testimony, trust
death, faith, Genesis 22

Many Other Things Written

John 21.25
Aug 19th 2012

21 chapters, 3 years & a ton of our Father's faithfulness. A summary of John's Gospel in prose, art & testimony.

NOTE: download/view this week's notes which include Linda Colie's >>

art, Colie, Gospel, John, John 21.25, Linda, poem, poetry, testimony
Gospel of John, John 21

He Has Made & Makes The Difference (John 17 overview)

Dec 4th 2011

Have you ever asked yourself: "What's this all about? Is anything i'm involved in making any difference at all?" Welcome to the club... but if it's Jesus', rest assured, His Spirit and Truth are at work!

Does your faith and hope need some encouragement from God' >>

difference, faith, Father, fight, glory, Jesus, love, ministry, prayer, Son, Spirit, testimony
Gospel of John, High Priestly Prayer, John 17

How Can You Believe

John 5.30-47
Feb 21st 2010

How many witnesses would it take for you and me to believe that Jesus is the Way, Truth, & Life? What's your answer?

This morning Jesus present 7 witnesses to the fact of who He is, yet we choose, desire, will, prefer, love, want to reject this reality >>

believe, desire, faith, love, refuse, reject, testimony, want, will, witness
Gospel of John, John 5