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The Good Shepherd Prepares His Sheep

John 12.27-30
Mar 20th 2011

What a difference knowledge and understanding make. Without it, where would be in this battle against sin? With it, however, we know that Jesus has already won the war, though the faith-filled battle wages on.

Our Shepherd & Savior strengthens knees that are >>

cross, crucifixion, death, Father, glory, purpose, Son, trials, voice
Gospel of John, John 12

Promised Shepherd

John 10.1-6
Oct 10th 2010

Having dealt with the blindness of the religious leaders to the light of the glory of God in the face of Jesus, the Good Shepherd now turns His vocals toward their deafness.

These leaders are a type of shepherd, but they must get into the fold another way, >>

faith, love, New Covenant, promise, robber, sheep, shepherd, thieves, trust, voice, wolves
Gospel of John, John 10

the Best Man, the Least Man

John 3.22-30
Dec 27th 2009

We spend the majority of our lives trying to climb the ladder of success only to find the most successful men at the bottom, on their knees, face down, humbled and low... and GREATLY REJOICING! Care to join them?

Despite popular opinion, according to John >>

baptist, bride, cleansing, groom, love, marriage, purification, voice, Word
Gospel of John, John 3

John the Witness

John 1.6-8,19-23
Sep 6th 2009

South Church will begin working through the Gospel of John, and this first message from that Gospel is actually the second message from the series, but preached first in order to provide this month's topic for our Restore groups.

What is the function of John >>

decrease, Hill Country Evangelical Free Church, increase, Jesus, testify, voice, witness
Gospel of John, John 1