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sermons tagged 'John 1'

Seek & Find

John 1.35-51
Nov 8th 2009

Ever just needed to know that God really is there? really involved in your life? that He really is aware of what you're going through, of what your needs are? that He is near and not hiding from you?

In today's sermon from John 1.35-51 we see a very >>

alone, fear, find, Jacob, Nathaniel, seek
Gospel of John, John 1

Baptizing with the Holy Spirit

John 1.29-34
Oct 25th 2009

How does the baptism of John compare and contrast to the baptism of Jesus?

Why does John emphasize the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Have you been baptized by Holy Spirit?

What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

If you wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, >>

baptism, Holy Spirit, John the Baptist
Gospel of John, John 1

the Sinless Slaughtered

John 1.19-34
Oct 18th 2009

Who is Jesus? That is the question that Apostle John continues to answer in His Gospel today.

In today's passage, John the Baptist points out 3 things about Jesus that He knew that would completely change our fallen thinking if we were to see what he saw. >>

Isaiah, Jesus, John the Baptist, Lamb of God, Revelation, sin
Gospel of John, John 1

Seeing is Beloving

John 1.14-18
Oct 11th 2009

"We're all God's children" least according to most. But according to Jesus, not exactly. But the best news is, you can be: "He who has the Son has Life."

Today, in the Gospel of John, the Word becomes flesh!

God becoming man is ludicrous, insane, >>

grace, Jesus, Law, truth, universalism
Gospel of John, John 1

Witness Begins in Worship

John 1.6-8,15,19-23
Sep 27th 2009

We do evangelism all the time... we are constantly sharing with people what it is that brings us joy: we share stories about the family vacation, we display pictures of our kids, we recap the big game. We freely testify to what brings us joy. So, how >>

evangelism, go, God's life, joy, love, share, tell, witness, worship, worship
Gospel of John, John 1

Jesus: Life & Light

John 1.1-13
Sep 20th 2009

Men and women saw Him, but not all of those truly saw Him. Why did some mock, yet others worship?

He would never make the cover of muscle magazing, or GQ. No one would ever esteem His physical experience. The prophet Isaiah said He was most despised and rejected >>

blind, flesh, God, life, light, men, Nazareth, salvation, see, Word
Gospel of John, John 1

Jesus the Word (preLaunch.1)

John 1.1-3
Sep 13th 2009

Who doesn't have an opinion about Jesus? Wonder what God says about Him?

If you had one word to describe Jesus, what would it be?

To worship anything other than God, is to break the first commandment of God. But don't Christians worship Jesus? Isn't that >>

Arianism, Creator, eternal, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim, Word
Gospel of John, John 1

John the Witness

John 1.6-8,19-23
Sep 6th 2009

South Church will begin working through the Gospel of John, and this first message from that Gospel is actually the second message from the series, but preached first in order to provide this month's topic for our Restore groups.

What is the function of John >>

decrease, Hill Country Evangelical Free Church, increase, Jesus, testify, voice, witness
Gospel of John, John 1