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sermons tagged 'John 4'

Miracle over Miles

John 4.43-54
Jan 24th 2010

Think of a place where your friends are... folks that love, accept, appreciate, and enjoy you. Got it? Great.

Now think of a place where you aren't honored at all... a place where you are misunderstood, where folks think you are about something or some cause, when, >>

believe, Capernaum, Galilee, heal, honor, hope, miracle, official, signs, welcome
Gospel of John, John 4

from Filth to Faith

John 4.1-42
Jan 17th 2010

In today's passage, Jesus is on the move from Judea to Galilee.

The Scripture said He just had to go through Samaria... an area off-limits to most Jews in light of their fear of becoming "dirty and unclean" like the Samaritans. (There's over 700 years of >>

eternal, evangelism, food, Garazim, Jesus, joy, Samaritan, Sychar, thirst, water, woman at the well
Gospel of John, John 4