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Scattered for Glory & Good

Genesis 11.1-9
Mar 17th 2013

Unity is a great thing. According to John 17.21, it can make all the difference in whether or not the world believes in Jesus.

Yet, unity isn't everything. We can be united in all kinds of godless fronts. God is supreme, not man; therefore what unites us is >>

Babel, confuse, disobedience, fear, glory, land, language, mercy, pride, scatter, sovereignty, tower
Genesis 9, glory, sovereignty

Table of Nations

Genesis 10
Mar 10th 2013

There's so much more to the genealogy of Genesis 10 than simply a list of names.

Abba informs & assures His children of His presence & power working through all things... even dissenting neighbors & nations. They would be reminded that, despite >>

divided, genealogy, Greek, Ham, Israel, Jepheth, land, language, plan, purpose, Shem, sovereign, united
faith, Genesis 10, sovereignty