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Saint Whisperer

Matthew 11.25-30
Apr 30th 2017

Having denounced cities and "this generation" for their unbelief, Jesus proclaims peace & rest to those who turn from sin, trusting in Him. Are you one of those? If so, why have you come to Christ? Perhaps you were raised in the church, were >>

burden, easy, gentle, gentleness, grace, harsh, help, light, mercy, ministry, need, patience, whisperer, yoke
Christ, Matthew, ministry

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Matthew 5.3
Jun 21st 2015

Are you humble, poor in spirit? How do you think of yourself standing in the presence of the Almighty? It's coming soon, you know.

In any other trip we take, the first thing we do is pack. But when beginning the trip into God's Kingdom, Jesus first points out >>

arrogance, dependence, hope, humble, humility, need, poor, poverty, pride, spirit
Beatitudes, Matthew, Sermon On The Mount

A Giving God

2 Timothy 3.15-17, Matthew 23.23, Luke 18.11, Genesis 2.16-17,14.18-20,28.20-22, Leviticus 27.30,27.32, Numbers 18.21, Deuteronomy 26.12, Exodus 19.3,
Jul 20th 2014

This sermon explores the following questions with regard to giving: What kind of relationship do you have with God? One where He gives you what you desire? Or one where where you give Him what He desires?

When it comes to money, if God doesn't need any, why give? >>

bless, gift, heart, need, offering, relationship, tithe
discipleship, faith, giving