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Catastrophic Grace

Genesis 6.8-8.22
Feb 17th 2013

If you ever wondered how God feels about sin, look no further than today's passage. Wow!

Friday a meteorite raced through the sky over Russia. It left a surreal, translucent cloud of smoke & fire in its trail that had many out snapping photos... >>

covenant, evil, flood, grace, hope, judgement, mercy, Noah, obedience, power, rescue, rest, wrath
atonement, Genesis 6, sacrifice

Seventh Day: Rest!

Genesis 2.1-3
Nov 4th 2012

How many times can God say "complete", "finished", "done" in just three short verses?

He steps back from all that He had made on days one through six and says, "yes!" Then, He blesses, sanctifies the "seventh day", >>

complete, definition, face book, fb, finished, Genesis 2.1-3, identity, like, opinion, rest, sabbath, seventh day
Genesis 2, grace, sabbath

Hammocks and Holiness (between John 19 and 20)

Jun 3rd 2012

Things were pretty silent on Friday evening after the death of the Son of God. All accounts retold, not much was going on until Sunday! It's remarkable that even in His death the Son lovingly obeys the Father's commands.

And on the Sabbath, He rested.

How >>

command, good, holy, keep, Lord's Day, love, rest, Sabbath, sanctify
Gospel of John, Lord's Day, Sabbath