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sermons tagged 'widow'

The Single Way

1 Corinthians 7.1-11,26-28,32-40
Nov 29th 2015

Before moving ahead to Matthew 5.31-32, it is wise for us to be reminded of other Scriptures that lay the groundwork for properly understanding Biblical marriage.

How Biblical are we? How are we defining "success" for our children? According to >>

advantages, blessing, celibacy, celibate, divorced, promises, single, widow
Matthew, Sermon On The Mount, Single

Single With Children

1 Corinthians 7.32-35
Aug 26th 2012

Where do singles & the barren fit into the "family" of Jesus? So often they're skirted out to the fringes of the church, overlooked and forgotten. But not by Jesus! According to the Word, they've many advantages in ministry and all kinds of >>

barren, children, church, eunuch, family, Jesus, Kingdom, single, widow
Church life, family, missional, vision