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Deliver Us

Psalm 31:1-24
May 31st 2020

Do you ever ask God for help? Well, you probably do every day. You see, we all need help from God. We all need to be rescued, redeemed, and delivered. We are a desperate people. You may need God to deliver you from your divorce, your adultery, your gossiping mouth, >>

Fortress, Foundation, God, Helper, Jesus Christ, Refuge, Rock
Deliverance, Redemption, Salvation


Psalm 30:1-12
May 24th 2020

We are continually chasing happiness. All of our lives revolves around our recreation. We are entertained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We've got phones, tablets, iPods, iPads, televisions, cable, satellite dish, direct tv ... you name it. But, are we >>

Eternal Joy, God's Glory, Happiness, Praise, Prayer, Worship
Gladness, Rescue, Salvation

Finished Work

Proverbs 6:6-11
May 17th 2020

Doesn't it feel good to finish a project? What a joy it is to celebrate a job well done! This is true spiritually, as well. Our redeemer, Jesus Christ, finished his work of salvation for us, on the cross. It is done! Our salvation is secure. But, we still have >>

Cross, Eternal Rest, Jesus Christ, Laziness, Progressive Sanctification, Sloth
Ant, Rest, Work


Numbers 11:1-15
May 10th 2020

Are you content? Are you satisfied with your lot in life? Most people are not. Like the Israelites in the wilderness, we are craving. We are longing for the "good old days" or our future "blessing." But, we a not content with our life, today. What about you? >>

Grumbling, Longing, Lust, Moab, Rabble, Wanderings, Wilderness
Assurance, Jesus Christ, Satisfaction


Numbers 6:22-27
May 3rd 2020

How do we get the blessing of God? It seems like all of us want the "blessed life." Just look at social media. She is relaxing on the beach, drink in hand, watching the sunset, with freshly painted toe nails, and the caption reads "#blessed." In fact, we all >>

Blessed to Be a Blessing, God's Protection, God's Provision, Moses, Wilderness Wanderings
Aaron's Blessing, Grace, Peace

The Path to God

Psalms 25:1-22
Apr 26th 2020

Everybody says that they are searching for God. However, few are actually finding God. So, it's great to search, and not so great to find. Curious ... isn't it. But, is it really up to us? Do we find God? Or, does God find us? Take a look at Psalm 25. David >>

Affliction, Humility, Love, Pardon, Redemption, Trust, Truth
Meditation, Penitential Psalm, Prayer

Festival Joy

Leviticus 23:1-44
Apr 19th 2020

Do you like to celebrate? It seems like every week, in America, we are celebrating something. Right? Halloween flows into Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving quickly flows into Christmas. And then, next thing you know, it New Year's Eve! Sometimes we forget the >>

Atonement, Booths, Firstfruits, Passover, Pentecost, Sabbath, Trumpets
Feasts, Festivals, Joy

Resurrection Sunday 2020

Leviticus 16:3-22
Apr 12th 2020

We all have a problem. It is called sin. We are separated from our holy, awesome God. We do what we should not do. And, we don't do what we should do (see Romans 7). So, how do we solve our sin problem? Well, we don't. In fact, we can't. But, God can. And, God >>

Atonement, Blood, Imputation, Offering, Sacrifice, Sin, Substitution
Easter, Expiation, Resurrection

Keep Your Heart

Proverbs 4:10-27
Apr 5th 2020

Wise people live with intention. They know God's redemptive path, and they walk accordingly. As John Calvin said, "They know God and they know themselves." What is more, wise people study their hearts, guard their hearts, and cultivate their hearts. Solomon says >>

Affections, Instruction, Jesus Christ, John Flavel, Living Water, Regeneration
Christian Growth, Sanctification, Wisdom

God Revealed

Psalm 19:1-14
Mar 29th 2020

How does God reveal himself to us? Well, here are few ways. Read and meditate on Psalm 19 for a few minutes. Notice that the psalmist sees God in nature, in scripture, in his sin, and in God's son. What about you? How does God reveal himself to you?read >>

Bible, Creation, God's Word, Redeemer, Rock, Scripture, Sin
Jesus Christ, Natural Revelation, Special Revelation

Our Worship

Exodus 32:1-34
Mar 22nd 2020

What kind of worship does God want from us? Take a look in Exodus 32 and notice what God's people do when Moses tarries on Mount Sinai. While Moses is away, the people create an idol, worship it, and carouse with one another. This infuriates God. What should >>

Confess sin, Faith in Christ, Grace, Mercy, Moses, Repent, Substitution
Atonement in Christ, Golden calf, Idolatry


Exodus 20:1-17
Mar 15th 2020

How do we worship God? Do we worship him in any way that we like? Or, does God desire a certain type of worship? Well, read Exodus 20, and think it over. It appears that God is very specific about his desires, laws, and regulations for our worship. The first >>

Deliverance, Law of God, Reformed Theology, Rescue, Son of God, Third Use of Law
God's Law, God's Son, Ten Commandments