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The Sorrow of Sin

CS Lewis once suggested that the most difficult hurdle to overcome in a person's salvation is their realization that they're actually lost without Christ in the first place.

Most people ignore their faults & wrong behaviors, but if ever asked to seriously examine their sins, the usual response goes something like this: "Well, I may make a mistake here and there, but at least I'm not as bad as ol' so-and-so."

Indeed, Lewis' suggestion holds true for the majority. It's impossible for someone to be saved when they don't know or care that they're lost. Or to put it the other way, as Jesus said in Mark 2.17: "Only the sick need a doctor."

As the old saying goes, even the best of men are still just men at best.

In our passage today we find one of Christianity's most well-known representative: Simon Peter. He's one of Christianity's best men, yet, indeed, he is still just a man, a sinful man like the rest of us, in need of a Savior. Do you need a Savior like him?

Matthew 26.69-75 (esv)

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