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Our King and Priest

Genesis 14:17-24
Jan 12th 2020

Have you ever considered the many offices of Jesus Christ? He is a diamond of unending facets and beauty. Jesus is our law-keeper, redeemer, savior, prophet, priest, king, sabbath rest, friend, maker, elder brother, prince of peace, righteousness, and companion. >>

Eternal, God Most High, Intercessor, Melchizedek, Savior, Sufficient Sacrifice
Advocate, Jesus Christ, Mediator

The Doctrine of God

1 Timothy 2.5, 1 Corinthians 8.6, John 1.1-2,14, Roman 9.5, Acts 5.3-4, Jeremiah 32.27, Psalm 115.3
Jan 12th 2014

Who is God? Our lives attest to our answer everyday, all day long through the way that we live and love... or don't. There can be no more important question to answer. So rightly this is where we will begin our series on The Doctrines.

Do you know God? What >>

community, Creator, eternal, God, love, majestic, meek, missionary, omnipotence, sovereign, Trinity
Doctrine, God, relationships

The Love Of The Beloved

John 17.25-26
Feb 19th 2012

How does Jesus reveal and continue to reveal the Father?

How does Jesus fix and increase the happiness in holiness of those who He reveals the Father to?

Join us as we discover in John's Gospel the drenching, saturation of God's love between the Father and >>

Colossians 1.27, Colossians 2.9, Ephesians 3.14-21, eternal, Father, Holy Spirit, John 1.33, John 14.15, Love, Son, Trinity
Gospel of John, High Priestly Prayer, John 17

The Prayer We Most Want Answered

John 17.24
Feb 12th 2012

Toward the end of last week, we barely caught a glimpse of God's love for us in Christ, as Christ. How can that be? How will God love us with such an infinite love? The answer is in today's passage. Join us!

The desire of Christ is the nearness of His >>

eternal, foundation of the world, glory, heaven, joy, love, prayer
Gospel of John, High Priestly Prayer, John 17

Authority of Jesus: Our Eternal Life

John 17.2
Dec 18th 2011

The Son represents the Father, who sent the Son to represent us, who are given to the Son by the Father, to receive the eternal life of the >>

authority, eternal, Father, glory, life, plan, represent, Son, sovereignty, will of God
Gospel of John, High Priestly Prayer, John 17

I Am

John 8.48-59
Aug 22nd 2010

Brace yourself: Jesus is speaking again!

If you thought He may have been beating around the bush before, He leaves no doubt this morning. In today's passage, after a couple of warnings, Jesus states very clearly who He is.

So how do you think the >>

Abraham, death, Eternal, glory, I Am, Jesus, judge, life, stone
Gospel of John, John 8

from Filth to Faith

John 4.1-42
Jan 17th 2010

In today's passage, Jesus is on the move from Judea to Galilee.

The Scripture said He just had to go through Samaria... an area off-limits to most Jews in light of their fear of becoming "dirty and unclean" like the Samaritans. (There's over 700 years of >>

eternal, evangelism, food, Garazim, Jesus, joy, Samaritan, Sychar, thirst, water, woman at the well
Gospel of John, John 4

Jesus the Word (preLaunch.1)

John 1.1-3
Sep 13th 2009

Who doesn't have an opinion about Jesus? Wonder what God says about Him?

If you had one word to describe Jesus, what would it be?

To worship anything other than God, is to break the first commandment of God. But don't Christians worship Jesus? Isn't that >>

Arianism, Creator, eternal, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim, Word
Gospel of John, John 1