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Past Provisions for Future Faith

John 7.37-39
Jun 13th 2010


The Apostle John, inspired by the Spirit of Jesus, paints a glorious picture for us today.

We'll call on several Old Testament passages & prophecies so we don't miss the glory of God in the face of His Son in today's display.

Just as the Feast of >>

Ezekiel, Ezra, forgiveness, gate, indwelling, Nehemiah, New Covenant, Spirit, temple, water
Gospel of John, John 7

Faith That Is Not Faith

John 2.23-25
Nov 29th 2009

John is on a mission: faith in all readers! Yet, in today's passage, just when you thought it was safe to believe...

Apparently, there is a faith that isn't faith... at least not the kind that Jesus is desiring us to have. So what about you?

Knowing the wrong >>

Ezekiel, faith, Jeremiah, Jesus, love, New Covenant
Gospel of John, John 2