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sermons tagged 'False Teaching'

Faith in Faithless Times

Jude 1:1-25
Dec 15th 2019

We live in a secular culture. Most people are untethered to a vibrant connection with God. They long for eternal meaning, purpose, and hope. So, how do we keep our faith in these faithless times. Well, the pithy letter of Jude gives us three helpful challenges. >>

Anti-nomians, False teachers, False teaching, Jesus Christ, Libertines, Reformed Theology, Truth
Contend, Grow, Reach Out

The Old Path to New Joy

2 John 1-12
Dec 1st 2019

What brings you joy? Is it friends, family, shopping, leisure, money, or romance? Well, the true is that lasting joy is only found in Jesus Christ. Ultimately, only Jesus can captivate our minds, satisfy our affections, lift our spirits, and fulfill our >>

Deception, False Teaching, Gospel Grace, Joy of the Lord, Love, Truth
Jesus Christ, Lasting Joy, Old Paths