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sermons tagged 'I Am'

Where The Gospel Begins

Exodus 3.13-15
Jan 11th 2015

Where would you begin the Gospel? Where would anything have to begin, for that matter? As we begin our exploration of the Biblical doctrines that uphold the Good News of the Scripture, there is no better place to begin than where Moses began his relationship >>

doctrine, Exodus, foundation, God, God is, Good News, Gospel, hope, I Am, Lord, Moses, rock, Truth, Yahweh, YHWH
doctrine, Exodus 3, Gospel

I Am

John 8.48-59
Aug 22nd 2010

Brace yourself: Jesus is speaking again!

If you thought He may have been beating around the bush before, He leaves no doubt this morning. In today's passage, after a couple of warnings, Jesus states very clearly who He is.

So how do you think the >>

Abraham, death, Eternal, glory, I Am, Jesus, judge, life, stone
Gospel of John, John 8