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sermons tagged 'John 10'

Back to the Beginning

John 10.40-42
Nov 28th 2010

After evading would be assassins, Jesus heads north, back to where His public ministry began... back to the baptismal Jordan where cousin John professed an unworthiness even to untie the sandals of the Lamb of God: Jesus.

Sometimes God calls us back to where it >>

calling, direction, faithful, focus, John the Baptist, ministry, Proclaim, restore, small groups, South Church, sustain, Witness
Gospel of John, John 10

I and the Father are One

John 10.30-39
Nov 21st 2010

If you said something that offended someone, perhaps even to the point of outrage, yet clearly they just misunderstood you, what would you do? You'd clarify, give another explanation, help them to see that what they understood was not what you meant.

Jesus is at >>

cults, Father, gods, Jesus, monotheism, one, persons, polytheism, Son, stoning
Gospel of John, John 10

Revolt In His Name

John 10.19-29
Nov 14th 2010

Ever brought something to someone to fix? Maybe you thought all else was fine save this one little broken part. But, when you got the bill, you realized that a whole lot more than you were aware of was in need of repair. "Everything was connected," they said. >>

agenda, best life now, colonnade, eternal life, Jesus, Judas, revolt, sheep, shepherd, Solomon
Gospel of John, John 10

Free To Love

John 10.17-18
Oct 31st 2010

Would you rather someone care for you because they were required to, or out of their own genuine desire?

What about Jesus? How does He love you? Does it matter? ...just as long as He loves you, right? Of course it matters!

Join us today in John 10.17-18 and >>

authority, desire, Father, free, Holy Spirit, joy, love, Son
Gospel of John, John 10

Sheep Love the Life-Giving Shepherd

John 10.7-13
Oct 17th 2010

Again? Yes, again. The on-listeners didn't get it the first time. Do we ever?

Therefore, the Good Shepherd spells it out again, this time in greater detail. In order that we might love the Shepherd, He compares Himself with previous (false) shepherds, thieves & >>

abundant, death, false, good, lay down, life, save, sheep, shepherd, wolves
Gospel of John, John 10

Promised Shepherd

John 10.1-6
Oct 10th 2010

Having dealt with the blindness of the religious leaders to the light of the glory of God in the face of Jesus, the Good Shepherd now turns His vocals toward their deafness.

These leaders are a type of shepherd, but they must get into the fold another way, >>

faith, love, New Covenant, promise, robber, sheep, shepherd, thieves, trust, voice, wolves
Gospel of John, John 10