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sermons tagged 'John 13'

Strength to Stand Will Come

John 13.36-38
Jun 26th 2011

Peter desperately wanted to follow Jesus, but Jesus knew that wasn't going to least not yet. Peter would eventually be able to stand and follow Jesus, but He had to first wait for the right source of power, the Holy Spirit, to transform his >>

faith, Jesus, Peter
Gospel of John, John 13

What to do, and How to do it

John 13.31-35
Jun 19th 2011

The Good Shepherd continues to prepare His sheep, making sure they, not only know what to do, but, how to do it... in such a way that honors and glorifies >>

abide, glory, hope, how, love, obedience, power, remain, Servant
Gospel of John, John 13

Relentless Resolve, Unwavering Love

John 13.21-30
Jun 12th 2011

Performing under extreme pressure. Sound like fun? Not at all.

Under circumstances that would drive any of us crazy, that would render a heart-attack as easily as anything else, Jesus remains cool under the collar, completely confident in His Father's plan. But >>

betrayal, dark, disciple whom Jesus loved, Jesus, Judas, morsel, night, satan, troubled
Gospel of John, John 13

Courage for Couriers

John 13.18-20
Jun 5th 2011

Jesus has gone before us, showing us how to live as a child of His kingdom. Then, last week, we saw in verses 11-17 that He calls and indwells us to continue His work He began. And now, this week, He gives us just the boost of sovereign care and courage we need >>

courage, feet, Highland Oaks, Judas, plan, power, reject, sovereign, wash
Gospel of John, John 13

Grace Does Not Wait for Desert

John 13.10-17
May 29th 2011

Having shown us what to do, Jesus now tells His disciples to do likewise.

However, this isn't a normal command... it's an impossible one! "With man nothing is possible, but with God all things are possible." -Jesusread >>

follow, foot, know, love, Master, rite, serve, Teacher, treat, wash
Gospel of John, John 13

God the Son: Foot Washer

John 13.1-10a
May 22nd 2011

GRACE: Unmerited Favor

Sounds easy enough. But is it? Is God's grace easy to receive?

Truth be told, undeserved favor is taboo for most of us... especially when it comes from God. Something for nothing? Better (or harder) still, something good in exchange >>

cross, foot, forgiveness, humility, Jesus, John, Judas, Peter, satan, service, wash
Gospel of John, John 13