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sermons tagged 'John 2'

Faith That Is Not Faith

John 2.23-25
Nov 29th 2009

John is on a mission: faith in all readers! Yet, in today's passage, just when you thought it was safe to believe...

Apparently, there is a faith that isn't faith... at least not the kind that Jesus is desiring us to have. So what about you?

Knowing the wrong >>

Ezekiel, faith, Jeremiah, Jesus, love, New Covenant
Gospel of John, John 2

Consumed or Consumer

John 2.12-22
Nov 22nd 2009

Jesus is zealous for His Father's name, fame, and reputation in our community.

This morning we get a glimpse of that zeal in the way He protects what is sacred, and destroys what is not near the outer gates of His Father's house.

With temple tables flying, >>

dove, Jesus, money, oxen, selfish, sheep, tables, temple, worship
Gospel of John, John 2

Redeeming Wine

John 2.1-11
Nov 15th 2009

No matter what your history, no matter what kind of family you are from (or wish you weren't from), you're never beyond the pale of God's gracious fire-light in Christ

In today's passage we see the glory of Jesus on display in His first miracle of turning >>

family, miracle, water, wine
Gospel of John, John 2