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sermons tagged 'John 8'

Glory Has Left The Building

John 8.58-59
Aug 29th 2010

Last week, we really didn't have a chance to look into verse 59.

This week, the Lord provides us with another opportunity to peer into the passing of God's glory from an attempted assassination to a departure from the Temple. Gee... wonder if a >>

Jesus, ministry, Proclaim, restore, shikinah, small groups, sustain, Tabernacle, truly, vision
Gospel of John, John 8

I Am

John 8.48-59
Aug 22nd 2010

Brace yourself: Jesus is speaking again!

If you thought He may have been beating around the bush before, He leaves no doubt this morning. In today's passage, after a couple of warnings, Jesus states very clearly who He is.

So how do you think the >>

Abraham, death, Eternal, glory, I Am, Jesus, judge, life, stone
Gospel of John, John 8

father Devil

John 8.39-47
Aug 8th 2010

If you were to tell someone their dad was the devil, chances are, you'd be a bit hot under the collar... something or someone would have had to majorly ruffled your feathers.

But what would we make of a man who said as much yet was perfectly calm... rather >>

child, devil, Father, God, hear, Jesus, kill, love
Gospel of John, John 8

Know the Truth

John 8.31-38
Aug 1st 2010

Ever wonder if all "Christians" are true Christians?

Today we meet up with a pack of "believers", but Jesus is quick to distinguish them from the truly faithful. How?

Join us this week as we peer into the Truth that can set captives free!read >>

Abraham, free, Jesus, set you free, slave, Son, truth
Gospel of John, John 8

Die In Your Sin

John 8.21-30
Jul 25th 2010

Ever looked for your glasses for twenty minutes or so only to pass by a mirror and notice them on your head? Missing the obvious is something the religious leaders struggled with in Jesus. The claims He made, the miracles, the teaching... only to fall on deaf >>

blind, dark, die in your sin, exclusivism, Isaiah 43.10, Jesus, lifted up Son of Man, Light, Messiah, sin, unity
Gospel of John, John 8

Light of the World

John 8.12-20
Jul 18th 2010

When you stop and think about the necessities of life, Jesus has pretty much claimed them all. In addition to eternal waters and bread for life, today He stands and proclaim Himself to be, none other than, the Light of the World.

Light isn't a word the >>

Father, Jesus, judge, Light, Tabernacle, world
Gospel of John, John 8