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sermons tagged 'Melchizedek'

Our King and Priest

Genesis 14:17-24
Jan 12th 2020

Have you ever considered the many offices of Jesus Christ? He is a diamond of unending facets and beauty. Jesus is our law-keeper, redeemer, savior, prophet, priest, king, sabbath rest, friend, maker, elder brother, prince of peace, righteousness, and companion. >>

Eternal, God Most High, Intercessor, Melchizedek, Savior, Sufficient Sacrifice
Advocate, Jesus Christ, Mediator

Abe's Meeting with Melchy - Part 2

Genesis 14.17-24
May 26th 2013

Today we take a closer look at the character Abram met with upon return from victory: Melchizedek. What would be the impact of Abram's worship with Melchy? How were his on-loooking pagan pals impacted?

What about our meetings with Melchy? Has He left an impact >>

Christophony, communion, generosity, giving, Jesus, judging others, Melchizedek, theophony
Genesis 14, Jesus, worship

Abe's Meeting with Melchy - Part 1

Genesis 14.17-24
May 19th 2013

This one's gonna take two.

Today we'll cover this far-out meeting with Melchy and its impact on Abram. Next week, Lord-willing, we'll cover the character of Melchizedek in greater detail.

For now, we focus on fellowship and the impact God intends it to have on >>

Abram, discernment, faith, family, fellowship, Melchizedek, providence, Salem, Sodom
fellowship, Genesis 14, provision