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Resurrection Sunday 2020

Leviticus 16:3-22
Apr 12th 2020

We all have a problem. It is called sin. We are separated from our holy, awesome God. We do what we should not do. And, we don't do what we should do (see Romans 7). So, how do we solve our sin problem? Well, we don't. In fact, we can't. But, God can. And, God >>

Atonement, Blood, Imputation, Offering, Sacrifice, Sin, Substitution
Easter, Expiation, Resurrection

She Will Live

Matthew 9.18-26
Nov 13th 2016

What sort of man is this?

In our passage today, Matthew continues to reveal his Messiah, their Messiah, our Lord & Christ. Who else has the words of life?

As He responds to John the Baptist's disciples, a synagogue ruler rushes upon Him, seeking hope for his >>

12 years, bleeding, blood, compassion, dead, disbelief, doubt, faith, hemorrhage, hope, kindness, laughter, mercy, mock, resurrection
hope, Matthew, miracles

Hallowing Him

Mathew 6.9-13
May 4th 2014

The Lord's Prayer. You've probably got it memorized, have said it hundreds of time, but do you have any idea what it means? what you're asking?

As we continue considering the core aspects of walking faithfully with Christ, of our sanctification, being set >>

answered prayer, blood, forgiveness, hallowed, hope, kingdom, Lord's Prayer, Romans 8.32, sovereign, trials
discipleship, prayer, sanctification

Better Word From Better Blood

Genesis 4.1-16
Jan 6th 2013

Pride is a beast. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do well, to bring pleasure to others. Where pride resides is purely in the pleasure of "more than you". I want more gifts, more friends, more recognition, more attention, more... glory! "DANGER >>

Abel, anger, ATX, Austin, blood, Cain, Colossians, delight, duty, Eric Odenwald, grace, guilt, Hebrews 12.24, murder, pride, proclaim, protection, restore, sin, small groups, South Church, sustain, theodicy
Genesis 4, pride, sin

Sin, Skin & Salvation

Genesis 3.20-24
Dec 16th 2012

Why are we surprised by sin? What other alternative is there for a human race who has willingly rebelled from Life?

This week's school shooting in Newtown is a fresh reminder of the reality of our broken world.

Despite any of our efforts to undo, it's >>

1 Corinthians 15.50-58, banish, blood, Connecticut, death, faith, leaf, life, mercy, mercy, Newtown, pain, Romans 8.18-25, sin
death, Genesis 3, mercy

In the Flow of Blood and Water

John 19.31-42
May 27th 2012

...that you may also believe. That is why John's Gospel and history itself was written: That you may know life abundantly in the Rock of Jesus Christ, from whose side flowed streams of blood and living >>

Adam, believe, blood, forgiveness, garden, Holy Spirit, John 19.31-42, Joseph, justification, Moses, Nicodemus, pierce, Rock, sanctification, side, struck, water
Gospel of John, John 19

Resurrection Roots

Apr 8th 2012

God has been telling the story of His Son, our Savior, from the foundation of the world: Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. We are set free from sin and death, from satan and ourselves, from our Father's just wrath... all by the blood >>

blood, death, Easter, future, glory, hope, Paschal, Passover, Resurrection, sin
Easter, Jesus, Passover

You Gonna Run Too?

John 6.52-71
Apr 18th 2010

We're in no position to think we know all that Jesus is up to. Having said that, it sure seems as though He is intent on offending His onlooking, grumbling, confounded Jewish audience.

Why? What's the purpose? What don't they understand or see rightly that >>

blood, bread of life, dependence, devil, eternal life, exalt, flesh, Judas, passover, Peter, sovereign
Gospel of John, John 6

Faithful Fuel

1 Corinthians 11.17-34
Dec 6th 2009

What's on your mind?

Never a more appropriate time to consider that question than when preparing for the Lord's Supper.

From Paul's first letter to the Church at Corinth, we learn that we ought to be under the influence of the Spirit when we are supping with >>

blood, body, Bread, Church, Communion, Jesus, Lord's Supper, wine
1 Corinthians 11, discipline