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Dead, Buried, Washed and Raised

Romans 6.3-4, Colossians 2.11-12
Apr 6th 2014

Have you trusted Christ? Have you obeyed His command to follow Him in believer's baptism?

As we prepare to baptize over a dozen brothers and sisters in the faith, this morning we'll spend some time examining key passages on believer's baptism, how it was and >>

baptism, circumcision, cleanse, covenant, faith, Great Commission, obedience, wash, water
baptism, Church, faith

Baptism: What and Why

Matthew 28.19, Colossians 2.11-15, Romans 6.3-4
Jul 4th 2010

Today we'll be looking at several passages to help us formulate a biblical perspective on Jesus' institution of baptism.

What is baptism?

Why is baptism?

When should someone be baptized?

Can anyone be baptized or is it only for the "super-disciples"?

What >>

baptize, buried, circumcision, faith, inward condition, New Covenant, outward sign, raised
baptism, Colossians 2, Romans 6

One Work

John 7.19-24
May 30th 2010

What's so marvelous about Jesus?

In a day of political loop holes and self-justification, Jesus speaks truth... straight truth: no spin, no trickery, no doubt... just Truth. Using their own legacy and laws, Jesus reveals His heart of God that His enemies >>

Abraham, circumcision, fathers, glory, John 7, Moses, one, Sabbath, work
Gospel of John, John 7