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The Wedding Feast

Matthew 22.1-14
Nov 25th 2018

Are you going to heaven? That is THE most important question, isn't it?

The crowds that surrounded Jesus were most likely convinced of their eternal destiny in heaven just as most people today are. But were they right? Are we? On what basis?

Jesus >>

belong, feast, garment, heaven, hell, hope, invitation, King, Kingdom, prepare, responsibility, salvation, sanctification, sovereignty, wedding, welcome
Kingdom, Matthew, salvation

From Famine to Feast

Genesis 26.12-33
Dec 8th 2013

Water is crucial to life... especially during a famine!

Isaac continued to grow in numbers, wealth & works. Abimelech couldn't help but note that something was special about this man. No matter how much they pushed or persecuted him, the Lord continued to bless & >>

blessing, covenant, faith, famine, feast, feast, feud, fight, generosity, hope, martyr, missions, opposition, peace, persecution, prosperity, quarrel
Genesis, missions, persecution

Who Does He Think He Is

John 7.10-18
May 23rd 2010

So just what is Jesus' agenda? First He says He won't go, then He goes anyway. What's going on? And how is that honoring to His Father?

This week–not publicly as suggested by His brothers, but–privately, Jesus goes up to the great gathering at >>

feast, glory, Jesus, Jews, know, listen, muttering
Gospel of John, John 7