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Matthew 15.1-9
Jan 7th 2018

In today's passage the attacks on Jesus, His men and His ministry are taken to a new level. But Jesus doesn't mince words in His response to His accusers. He exposes their hypocrisy with simplicity and potency.

What has the Lord's opponents up in arms? Have one >>

accusations, authenticity, commandments, faithfulness, grace, honesty, honoring parents, hypocrisy, integrity, judgement, korban, simplicity
grace, hypocrisy, Matthew

Covenant Keeping

Matthew 5.33-37
Dec 20th 2015

Were you one of those who, after listening to last week's passage, were cut to the quick by Jesus’ Words on the effects of divorce & remarriage? Adultery is a violation of God's 7th commandment. If you’ve been divorced or are considering it, our >>

Christmas, faith, honesty, integrity, oath, promise keeping, prophecy, truth, truth-telling, vow
Matthew, oaths, Sermon On The Mount

As They Gather Daily

Exodus 16.13-21, Hebrews 3.12-15
Jul 19th 2015

Today we take a break from the Beatitudes in Matthew's account of the Gospel to focus our attention on God's means of our Happiness in Jesus' Blessings.

Have you ever noticed how regularly we need to be reminded of what we already believe? Well, the material >>

daily, discipleship, edification, fellowship, honesty, hope, restore, Scripture, small groups, sustain, truth, Word
faith, Restore, Sustain