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Wealthy & Woeful

Matthew 19.16-22
Sep 2nd 2018

"Let the children come to Me." Those were the words of Jesus from our passage last week. "For the Kingdom belongs to such as these." Christ's Kingdom is fit only for those with child-like faith, humility & dependence upon Jesus, the Rock of our salvation.

But, >>

greed, justification, money, possessions, pride, prosperity, rich, riches, sadness, salvation, sorrow, wealth
discipleship, Matthew, wealth

Treasure, Light and Love

Matthew 6.19-24
Apr 3rd 2016

Having explained to His disciples what holiness isn't--life according to the Pharisees, wasted in pursuit of self--and what holiness is--life according to Christ, eternal in pursuit of God--Jesus laid down three practical aspects of His walk & way: generosity, >>

dark, eye, hate, joy, life, light, love, money, peace, serve, sight, sin, treasure in heaven
Matthew, Sermon On The Mount, Truth

Culture For Worship

Genesis 4.17-26
Jan 13th 2013

So what becomes of the family line of rebellious Cain? Prosperity! Weird huh? Despite the counsel of Job's friends, it look as though the wicked do prosper. But something tells me you know a few that do, too!

Then what of the righteous? Well, they'll build >>

Cain, culture, Lamech, mammon, money, murder, name, perspective, prosperity, remnant, Seth, seventy times seven, worship
culture, Genesis 4, worship

Barley Loaves

John 6.1-13
Feb 28th 2010

Breaking from the norm, rather than looking intensely at the picture John paints of Jesus, we focus this week on a poor boy who offered his little to the Master Chef, King Jesus. (Next week, Lord-willing, we'll be looking back over these and two more verses as >>

Andrew, faith, fish, grace, Jesus, loaves, Matthew, money, Philip, trust
Gospel of John, John 6

Biblical Stewardship

Romans 13.8
Feb 14th 2010

Guest speaker, Beau Founet (Watermark Church, Dallas), provides an array of passages and testimonies providing the foundation for the following six weeks of South Church Restore ministry.

With the average American weighing it at just under $17,000 of credit >>

credit, debt, finance, George Mueller, giving, money, orphan, peace, stewardship

Consumed or Consumer

John 2.12-22
Nov 22nd 2009

Jesus is zealous for His Father's name, fame, and reputation in our community.

This morning we get a glimpse of that zeal in the way He protects what is sacred, and destroys what is not near the outer gates of His Father's house.

With temple tables flying, >>

dove, Jesus, money, oxen, selfish, sheep, tables, temple, worship
Gospel of John, John 2