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I and the Father are One

John 10.30-39
Nov 21st 2010

If you said something that offended someone, perhaps even to the point of outrage, yet clearly they just misunderstood you, what would you do? You'd clarify, give another explanation, help them to see that what they understood was not what you meant.

Jesus is at >>

cults, Father, gods, Jesus, monotheism, one, persons, polytheism, Son, stoning
Gospel of John, John 10

One Work

John 7.19-24
May 30th 2010

What's so marvelous about Jesus?

In a day of political loop holes and self-justification, Jesus speaks truth... straight truth: no spin, no trickery, no doubt... just Truth. Using their own legacy and laws, Jesus reveals His heart of God that His enemies >>

Abraham, circumcision, fathers, glory, John 7, Moses, one, Sabbath, work
Gospel of John, John 7