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What to do, and How to do it

John 13.31-35
Jun 19th 2011

The Good Shepherd continues to prepare His sheep, making sure they, not only know what to do, but, how to do it... in such a way that honors and glorifies >>

abide, glory, hope, how, love, obedience, power, remain, Servant
Gospel of John, John 13

Sustaining Faith (preLaunch.2)

Oct 4th 2009

The power that keeps us is no different than the power that brought us into Christ: this is the power that gave us eyes to see Christ as the greatest gift.

How does this grace that brought us alive from death, sustain & keep us in the faith?

What are the gifts >>

David, faith, jonathan, Katharina von Bora, Lewis, Luther, remain, saul, sustain
1 Samuel 23, discipline