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Lots Linger

Genesis 19
Jul 28th 2013

Notice how little we hear about hell these days? There are actually church billboards that read "no sin or condemnation spoken here". Yikes! Is it any wonder why we don't value our Savior much? It's hard to cherish someone we think saves us from so little.

But, >>

apathy salt, bargain, faithful, linger, Lot, remember, repentance, righteousness, settle, Sodom, warn, wrath
discipleship, Genesis, repentance

Celebrating 2 Years of Our His Faithfulness

Nov 6th 2011

It's time to be reminded of our Father's grace over the course of these last two years! By looking back, may He be glorified in our celebration and thanksgiving and may our faith in His future grace be established in His >>

birthday, faithfulness, Father, future grace, remember, two years
celebration, vision

Hate And Help

John 15.25-16.4
Oct 9th 2011

A fulfilled promise made bold witnesses of future >>

bold, evangelism, kill, Law, persecution, power, remember, sovereignty, Spirit, Witness
Gospel of John, John 15