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sermons tagged 'restoration'

New Creation

Revelation 21
Dec 29th 2019

If this is all there is ... then we have no hope. We just die ... and that is it. Finito! But ... if we are in Christ, we have hope for the future. So, why do Christians have hope? Well, the Bible is clear that there is life beyond the grave. In Revelation 21, >>

Immortality, New Earth, New Heaven, Perfected Bodies, Restoration
Eternal Life, Heaven, Hell

The Dragon-Crusher

Revelation 12
Dec 22nd 2019

Why did God send his son? This is the primary question at Christmas. Well, God sent his son to: 1. rescue his people and 2. defeat his enemies. Read through Revelation 12 and notice how God sends his son, protects his church, and defeats Satan. It is quite graphic! >>

Christmas, Incarnation, Redemption, Restoration, Satan Cast Down, Virgin Conception
Jesus, Red Dragon, Satan

Humility: Lesson Four - Part 3

Matthew 18.15-20
Jun 24th 2018

Today we will wrap up our mini-series on this short section of Matthew 18, beginning with verse 18, which is one of the most misunderstood passages in all of Scripture. Many who barely know God are yet very familiar with these words from Jesus. And, if we're >>

absolution of sin, agreement, church discipline, misguided, misunderstood, name it and claim it, power, prayer, prosperity preaching, reconciliation, restoration, will of God, will of man
church discipline, Matthew, restoration

Humility: Lesson Four - Part 2

Matthew 18.15-20
Jun 10th 2018

Today we continue our mini-series on the fourth lesson in humility wherein our Good Shepherd instructs us on how--practically speaking--He leaves the 99 to seek the one wandering lost sheep in His fold.

Have you ever been in sin and sought by the Savior?

Have >>

church discipline, church health, discipline, humility, reconciliation, repentance, restoration, salvation, sin, sorrow
church discipline, Matthew, repentance

Elijah Has Already Come

Matthew 17.9-13
Apr 15th 2018

Ever heard such good news that you just couldn't keep it to yourself?

In our passage last week, three of Jesus' closest disciples had an experience: they beheld the transfigured Christ in His pre-incarnate glory. Amazing!

But then came Jesus' next words: "Don' >>

Elijah, eschatology, future glory, hope, John the Baptist, justice, peace, prophecy, restoration
Elijah, John the Baptist, Matthew

Jesus calls 'Come!'
 Do you hear him?

John 21.1-14
Dec 27th 2015

read >>

breakfast, calling, faith, fisher of men, hope, meal, monergism, redemption, restoration
Gospel of John, grace, providence